We supply dream for the children
deprived in advance of dreaming.

There are so many children who deprived the right dreaming of in the world. Our project named "Mobile Image Theater" was begun for the purpose of supplying the seeds to dream of a dream to those children.
We eagerly wish not only just to be the deliverer of the supplies but also to be "one drop of water which cultivates a dream."

We have begun our activities from 2003 at the Afghan refugee camps by the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Then, we have added the activities to deliver shoes to the children who have to live even on the debris of the desert on barefoot.
We believe that those shoes have an influence greatly not only just foot protect but also their self-respect raise.
Now, through "Mobile image Theater," we have supplied the seeds to dream a dream and shoes for the children living in the returnee camps and so called "the street children" in Kabul.
We have already made our caravan in 30 and more places, performed our Mobile Image Theater to more than 15,000 children. Then, the shoes delivered to those children reach more than 5,000 pairs.
Now, we have 4 projects including...
"Mobile Image Theater"¨,
"Barefoot Aid"¨,
"Eltamas Fund"¨ and...
"Picture-Book Library"¨.