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There are so many children who forced to live under difficult conditions in this world.
For those children, curiosity about the outside world and the ability to dream provides the strength to carry on when life is difficult. But from where can these children –children who are not privy to the opportunities that wealth provides—obtain the soil and seed to nourish their curiosity and help their dreams thrive?
[Imagination] should be the most important ability to live.
[Imagination] is [thinking].
We believe we could meet with the new world by using our imagination. We might image our future dream through that encounter. We hope to let the children know about [dreaming]. A drop of water would turn dry land to fertility someday. We would like to bring a first drop of water to the children and give them materials of dreaming.
We believe that what these children need are not just material goods, but the material to foster their curiosity and ability to dream. It was in this way that the idea of the [Mobile Image Theater] was created. It was brought together with the cooperation of various young artists and collaborators.

We, [Like Water Press], are a non-profit organization composed entirely of volunteers of all kinds of citizens. Some volunteers are artists, others are freelance editors, graphics designers, housewives, and retires. All of us share the desire to respond proactively to the sincere gaze of the children of the world with support that is not product-oriented.

What is [Mobile Image Theater] ?

[Mobile Image Theater] is the project for the children. We show fantasies created by ourselves to the children on tour. We make a visit to the children with the necessary equipment for showing fantasies such as a projector, a screen and a generator. It’s a kind of mobile movie theater.

What kind of fantasies we show to the children?

We make our film out of not only the world of fantasy but also the world of reality in which you can see grandeur and beauty of nature.
We have 5 stories(fantasies) now. All the films are made on the subject of nature; animal, bird, forest, and sea.
And they all come out from the dream that we had when we visited refugee camps or when we were child is a clue to make our fantasies. Our film is an adaptation of those fantasies.