Mobile Image Theater:
Caravan with Fantasies

The subject of our fantasies is nature.
We created our fantasies developed in the sea and the wood as the stages of the stories, and the animals as well.
Because, they have never seen the sea which filled with water instead of dust and stones all over the field, the wood with a grate deal of greenery, and the creatures being common in our zoo such as lions, elephants, monkeys, penguins and so on.
They could not believe that a whale which lives in the sea like a fish is bigger than a camel.

We have 5 stories of fantasy which we made all of them originally.

"Overture/Once I have a Dream..."
"An Adventure of a Zeb-rabbit"
"How to be a Friend with the Bird"
"A Tale of the Mother Tree"
"The Boy who had never seen the Sea"

And now, we are creating the new stories.
Packing all the equipments--such as screen, projector, speakers, and even the generator, we are doing the mobile image theater in the refugee camps and returnee's.