シュエイブ・ファイヤズ Shoaib Faiyaz


Dear friends,
I am so glad to see you all here, and I say thanks to you all you give me this auspicious chance to see you and let you know about how the children are in my region where I live.
You must know there are many colour, nations, culture, etc around the world, not only Japanese and also different circumstances compare to Japanese peoples, you must have seen them on television or other resources of Media. But I hope you must know child is child, human is human every where. There are two kinds of standard in between these children one is by nature and one is by human made, I would like to compare this from nature first than human made.
Let see nature gives birth a child in a same way all around the world, give same body parts, same working mechanism, they all have same body parts even blood type is same all around these children, it doesnユt matter their skin colour, face cut, hair colour, eyes shape and colour, are as per their region requirement, but when the child comes in this world human standard begin, the suffering begin, its not same as nature give same to all children.
Let see how a child in Japan and how a child in Afghanistan or any other suffering country around the world, both born in a same time but how their life is totally changed as per human made standards, where nature is just watching how human do to each other.
When a child born in Japan it will be in a highly equipped hospital, but for an Afghan child its almost not known where will he get birth, some time in house, some in barren land, some time street even, but nature give same chance to both children to breath in world, now the first need of a child is food after getting birth, in Japan its almost full chance to have a healthy nutrition for a child, but the first suffer for a child who has just come in this world to suffer for a healthy nutrition in suffering world, its not same as Japanese child, but nature give opportunity to both Childs to survive and keep moving the humanity, in other hand Japanese child get an health start of life but a suffering child have to fight for his survival, result some time failure and child got died due to healthy nutrition which is not available, if he is lucky he will survive for the next step of life.
Now weather plays its rule, its too cold there, it is raining, there is snow a child need a warm place, warm clothing, warm food, if itユs too hot, need a cool shade, need cold water to maintain body temperature, you think its not a matter, yeah its not for you, but feel if you donユt get warm room, warm cloths, warm food in winter, cool shade, cool water and so on in summer season what would happen to you, could you imagine this? Donユt you? Yeah you could guess the result, its same with these children who are in suffering world, now Japanese child has opportunity to pass this step of life easily even no care about it because fortunately all requirements are available to them, but some child lost there life in suffering world at this step, rather they are hard enough to bare this and move on their life for next step.

Now a child in Japan is healthy enough to walk to smile, play, but child in suffering world is still trying to keep his life move on, now the time come when a child has to begin his life with knowledge, remember you went to Kinder Garden to start your learning, donユt you? But no child knows what is Kinder Garden in suffering world, could you believe this? Really they donユt know what is Kinder Garden, what a child do there, they donユt know all about it, yeah they donユt know.
You can play with pets can visit zoo can visit amusements parks but in their childhood they donユt know what is it, what is it mean, isnユt it strange for you? But its truth in the same world, where you live!
Well, now you are young enough to play with electronic games, have bicycle, have chance to watch your interesting programs or channels but what is it, they donユt know at your same age.
You got this chance to upgrade yourself and come to this highly equipped school, trained kind and humble teachers are helping you to go-ahead, but when luckily a child goes to school there, he has to face a roof with no electricity, no proper sitting arrangement, some time they have to sit on naked land, if its cool they have to face cool weather if its hot they have to face sunshine farther more a teacher who has become teacher faced all these problems of life before not kind enough, with full of problems in his life make clear his mind after beating a child some time or snubbing them harshly. You got chance to have all these interesting books, other requirements like pencil, note book, colours or other necessities but what are these necessities and where they have to use them they donユt know about it, they donユt know because they donユt have, even most of them have never seen them, how these things are looks like.
Yeah its happening in this world my dear friends, donユt feel itユs a story or a fantasy its reality around us in this world. This human standard which human beings making for each other, nature giving opportunity to all to breathe enough, grow enough, have enough resources made by nature but humans making opposite of this dual standards, its different for themselves and different for others.
Dear friends, there is much I want to tell you, bring in your notice because you have a big life ahead, I donユt want to take more of your time just what I want now to you is, please promise me, you will think about all these dual standards made by human beings living around us, you will say no to them, you will try to stop them not make this suffering for a child for a human who doesnユt know much about human standards, who has to milled in this human made system forcedly, you will try your best in your future life to demolish this dual standards of the world and make it happy life for everyone. Can you promise me?
I am hoping a beautiful, successful and flourish life ahead you. Thank you so much for your time and attention.


しかし、どこの国に生まれても子どもは子ども、 人間は人間である、という事を知っていてほしいのです。
日本で生まれたみなさんにとっては、なんでもない暑さや寒さが、あちらの子どもたちにとっては生きるか死ぬかの問題になるのです。 それでも無事に生き残れたとしましょう。 さて、今度は何が彼らを待っているのでしょう?