Making the children's dream come true...

The Eltamas Fund was founded after a girl named Eltamas whom we met in a returnee camp.
When we first met her on March 2005, she was 13 years old, and we were very impressed by her sincere gaze toward us.
She lost her father and a brother by the war and has come back Afghanistan from Pakistan where her family lived as the refugee 3 years ago.
Now, her family live in the ruin used be the military facilities called "the Camp of the internally Displaced People".

She wants to be a teacher of the history.
We have wished making her dream come true, and decided to support her the educational expenses.

Although having the rich sensibility and an intellectual curiosity, as like Eltamas, there are many children exist taken by force the opportunities to get an education. So we founded a fund to support so that they could realize their dream.
In Afghanistan, the going to school fee of the year is about 300US dollars.
At present moment, we are supporting 3 children including Eltamas herself.
Our urgent goal is to support the education of 10 children in a year.